Everyone Knows Shrek: Film, Television, Musical, and Videogame Music


Try Everything (Zootopia)

  401. Try Everything ( Zootopia )  Intro: C# (I) F# (IV) C# (I) G# (V) x 2 I messed up to- C# (I) night I lost a- F# (IV) nother fight I still mess C# (I) up  but I'll just start a- G# (V) gain I keep falling C# (I) down  I keep on hit- F# (IV) ting the ground I always get C# (I) up now  to G# (V) see what's C# (I) next  C# (I) Birds don't just F# (IV) fly they fall C# (I) down and get G# (V) up  C# (I) Nobody F# (IV) learns without C# (I) gett- G# (V) ing it C# (I) wrong Chorus: I won't give C# (I) up no I won't give F# (IV) in  till I reach the C# (I) end And then I'll start a- G# (V) gain  Now I won’t C# (I) leave I wanna try F# (IV) everything I wanna try  C# (I) even though G# (V) I could C# (I) fail x 2 C# (I) Oh oh F# (IV) try everything C# (I) Oh G# (V0 Oh try everything X 2  Look how far you've C# (I) come You filled your F# (IV) heart with love Baby you've done e- C# (I) nough take a deep G# (V) breath  Don't beat yourself C# (I) up don

Blaze of Glory (Young Guns 2)

  400. Blaze of Glory ( Young Guns 2 ) page 1  I d (i) wake up in the morning and I C (VII) raise my weary head I've got an G (V) old coat for a pillow and the d (i) earth was last night's bed I F (III) don't know where I'm going only C (VII) God knows where I've been I'm a G (V) devil on the run a six gun lover a d (i) candle in the wind When you're d (i) brought into this world they C (VII) say you're born in sin Well at G (IV) least they gave me something I didn't have to d (i) steal  or have to win Well they F (III) tell me that I'm wanted Yeah C (VII) I'm  a wanted man I'm a G (IV) colt in your stable I'm what Cain was to Abel  Mister d (i) catch me if you can  Chorus: I'm going G (IV) out in a blaze of D (I) glory Take me G (IV) now but know the D (I) truth I'm going G (IV) out in a blaze of D (I) glory  Lord I C (VII) never drew first but I drew first blood I'm G (IV) no one's son call me young d (i) gun  You d

Over the Rainbow (The Wizard of Oz)

  399. Over the Rainbow ( The Wizard of Oz )  G (I) Some- e (vi) where b (iii) over the rain- G7 (I7) bow  C (I) Way up G (I) high G7  (I7)  C (IV) There’s c (iv) a G (I) land that I’ve E7 (III7) heard of  A (II) Once in a D7 (V7) lulla- G (I) by D (V)  G (I) Some- e (vi) where b (iii) over the rain- G7 (I7) bow  C (I) Skies are G (I) blue G7 (I7)  C (IV) And c (iv) the G (I) dreams that you E7  (III7) dare to A (II) dream  Really D7 (V7) do come G (I) true Some- G (I) day I'll wish upon a star And a (ii) wake up where the clouds are far be- D7 (V7) hind me Where G (I) trouble melts like lemon drops A7 (II7) High above the chimney tops  That's D7 (V7) where you'll a (ii) find D (V) me G (I) Some- e (vi) where b (iii) over the rain- G7 (I7) bow  C (IV) Bluebirds G (I) fly G7 (I7) C (IV) Birds c (iv) fly G (I) over the e (vi) rainbow  Oh a (ii) why, oh D (V) why can't G (I) I?